MOGU's Kiss

by Murmuring Point Marker

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released September 17, 2012


tags: kids Lusaka


all rights reserved


Murmuring Point Marker Lusaka, Zambia

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Track Name: Taco Bell
oh taco taco bell
i wanna go to taco bell
oh taco taco bell
let's go to taco bell
yeah yeah
let's go to taco bell
Track Name: Dear Pup
wresting is my favorite sport
take that ping pong champion for instance
he's small, and very very tall

i am a cat who lives in a village up north
i have a sled and one small miniature horse
that horse takes me to the garden
and to the rocketship fountain
and we have many dates
and we go to outer space!

i'm a cat who knows how to jam
and make some jams too
- strawberry and raspberry jams

dear pup why did you go to the moon last night
don't you like stars too
what about the milky way dear pup
Track Name: Where Is My Birdhouse
what's up with my life
what's up with my car
i don't even have a car

where is my birdhouse
i built it yesterday, with birdseed
but now it's gone
someone stole my birdhouse
Track Name: Karo's Ico Freestyle
i'm karo and i'm on a roll
karo to the moon
karo on a small balloon
i've got my paws full of tiny little claws
i'm karo karo karo karo
gonna whip some dogs
gonna take em down
gonna throw them all around
kill those dogs
yeah yeah karo
karo karo karo
i'm little karo
my name is karo
little little karo
yeah yeah
Track Name: Tightfloss Hamster
tightfloss hamster
yeah yeah
tightfloss hamster
yeah yeah
tightfloss hamster
Track Name: Bone Lazy
a little mogu is a gentle dude
my little mogu has an attitude
my little mogu lying in the nude
my little mogu needs a feeding tube

my little mogu is a happy snude
my little mogu doopy doopy doo
my little mogu achoo achoo
my little mogu doopity doo

mogu where are you
oh mogu where are you

a micky micky micky mogu

a little mogu is an attitude
a little mogu is a state of mood
a little mogu is totally nude
a little mogu wants to eat some food
no cat food please

little mogu little mogu
little mogu
mogu play ball toss
megu let egg find
mogu sitting on his couch
mogu gardening
mogu takes a deep breath
mogu stands on tip toe
mogu playing PS3
mogu is a working class hero
mogu is bone lazy